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Jun. 29th, 2010

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Goddess drawings

I did these drawings a couple of weeks ago. Im quite proud of them, they were done directly in ink. No pencil drawing first. Im so pleased with how they came out.
goddess imagesgoddess images 2goddess images 3
Im also going to start a course to become a doula in August, so I am happy.  Life at the moment, this week, is quite good.

Its far too bloody hot though.


May. 21st, 2010

pincushion, cute, cacti, handmade

I practically forgot I had this blog....

I dont think it could really be called a journal at the moment. But after some fatphobic abuse this week I am back and ready for action. I must make art and read and generally get back into the swing of fat activism and art. So, hopefully you will be seeing some stuff soon.
I would like to do a project based on real people, real fat people to be exact. But thats going to take some thought. Im thinking something like 'Rolls With Butter' , the fat activist cookbook I compiled, but more to do with coping mechanisms for fat phobia, activist activities etc. Would be cool, wouldnt it?

Anyway, gots to watch the mentalist.


May. 18th, 2009

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Rolls With Butter

Inspired by Fat Activism and The Fatty Club Brunch (my friends and I who run from chubby to FAT regularly go out for brunch, we are the fatty club) comes 'Rolls With Butter: a Fat Activists Cookbook'. I asked for contributions to the zine on wemakezines.ning.com, fatactivistnetwork.ning.com and Fatshionista community here on livejournal. I also asked friends and family via email. I wasnt expecting such a fab response, but from that I have made the zine for my degree show at Norwich University College of the Arts. I have uploaded these images so people can see what recipes are in the zine and so the people that have contributed can get an idea of what the zine looks like. I will be sending them off asap to all the contributors. But please be patient as I am in the final couple of weeks of my degree so I am super busy. Anyway, enjoy!

This is the front cover of the zine. I think that it's pretty cute.


May. 6th, 2009

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Feast Photos

Bread letters arranged on the floor of Stew gallery in norwich.

Reclaiming derogatory words in bread. I called it 'You look good enough to eat'.


Apr. 7th, 2009

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Random Camel Housing Co-op

We seek two new members to join the current four living in a housing co-operative on the cusp of buying it's first property. We are vegan, anarchist, feminist permaculturists, in punk and samba bands, members of Ipswich's Food Co-op and Transition group and Radical Routes, who enjoy baking, cooking, printing, recycling materials and growing food on our allotment. We provide affordable (below LHA) rented accommodation; private bedrooms with shared facilities, so if you're seeking residence in an intentionalcommunity in order to progress your political and social change work contact :


07816 146 567

01473 684 449


Apr. 6th, 2009

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I dont think 'CHUBB' is actually spelt with 2 B's, but I like it like that. Gives it a nice round look.
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havent updated since november...

I havent done many comics recently. Thats the reason.

So I have decided to open up this blog to my other artworks.  Today I am going to put up a few things that I have done so far this year, and then hopefully I will update more. This blog could end up being a sort of public studio diary.
A wall of small sized watercolour drawings and typewritten text  Watercolour drawings and pieces of text that relate to my body.

bread sculptures with added bits of text Bread sculptures in doughy female forms, there are words beneath each of them saying things like 'thunder-thighs'. I like those kind of words and using them as a fat girl is quite a positive political action.

my new tattooMy new tattoo, drawn by me. Tattooed by an amazing tattooist in Norwich.

playing with bread and text Today, I am playing with bread and text. This follows on from the above bread women. Thunder Thighs! (sounds like a super hero, ohhh theres an idea..)

fat bread A joined-up letter 'Fat'. I like how swollen it is. It had risen for 20 mins before I put it in the oven.

Shortly I will put up the word 'chubb' in bread, which has just come out the oven.

Nov. 20th, 2008

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late late late comics update

sinus?oh no!disappointing chocolateoh jamessinging in the car, im so cool.no ideas
the red shoes
hurrah I am finally uploading more comics!!
I shall scan and upload more over the weekend.


Nov. 1st, 2008

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some of my daily comics...

I decided to start doing a daily comic to get my drawing skills to a better quality and so i can start to understand writing a narrative piece. Here they are, i hope you enjoy.
walking homecute kitty
belly buttonim so cold
will upload more later when i have the energy..... (click on the thumbnail to see the larger image)
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comic one- testing testing 1, 2, 3

comic from the 28th october