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Rolls With Butter

Inspired by Fat Activism and The Fatty Club Brunch (my friends and I who run from chubby to FAT regularly go out for brunch, we are the fatty club) comes 'Rolls With Butter: a Fat Activists Cookbook'. I asked for contributions to the zine on wemakezines.ning.com, fatactivistnetwork.ning.com and Fatshionista community here on livejournal. I also asked friends and family via email. I wasnt expecting such a fab response, but from that I have made the zine for my degree show at Norwich University College of the Arts. I have uploaded these images so people can see what recipes are in the zine and so the people that have contributed can get an idea of what the zine looks like. I will be sending them off asap to all the contributors. But please be patient as I am in the final couple of weeks of my degree so I am super busy. Anyway, enjoy!

This is the front cover of the zine. I think that it's pretty cute.





My picture is so good and all the others are great too! I am looking forward to this SO MUCH!

PS: I emailed you, I'm changing my address...